Close-Up One By experimenting with a low value, everyday material, the task was to manipulate the material in such a way to enhance its perceived quality.

As cardboard is one of the most recycled materials around, I wanted to find a more exiting way of giving it a second life. The process of manipulating the cardboard dictated the shape of the final design. Shaving down the edges of the cardboard rolls revealed the pattern of the corrugated layers, which reminded me of African patterns seen on low stools or poufs. By laminating and rolling the cardboard, my intention was to give the material a new visual language.

Carciofi won the Pure Talents Award during IMM Cologne 2016. It was exhibited at the Aram Gallery in London and in the Cappellini showroom during Salone del Mobile 2016 as part of Cappellini Next.

Close-Up One Close-Up One Close-Up One Close-Up One Close-Up One