The Open Kitchen

Close-Up One

Renting and sharing behaviours are experiencing a revival amongst a younger, more mobile generation. Users are adopting more flexible and sustainable alternatives to the current ownership model of consumption. I set myself the task to design a product-service-system that would make the renting of infrequent use kitchen utensils more convenient and accessible. The Open Kitchen is a utensil library for anybody who is passionate about cooking, or want to learn a new skill without having to deal with the burden of a cluttered kitchen. As a product outcome that would express the values of the service in a tangible way, I decided to create a pasta-making utensil set. A product that is not intended for individual ownership but shared usage has to be able to withstand heavy wear and tear, be hygienic, easily cleanable but also maintain a premium and professional feel. I conducted extensive research to find the right materials that would fit these requirements.

Illustration by Lou Rihn

Pouch Set Rolling Pin Rolling Pin Utensils Handle Context